The Coco Dance


One Big Pot, Two Feet, and Cocoa Beans

Anyone who knows me knows that I typically jump in with both feet.  While visiting the Fond Doux Holiday Plantation in St. Lucia I saw this young man climb into a huge metal pot and start dancing a fast step over cocoa beans.  He was doing the Cocorina Dance.  Oh, how I wanted to ask, Can I try that?  However, being the well-mannered tourist (and my feet were yucky in dusty sandals) I watched.  This is only one of many steps in the process from cocoa pod to the exported cocoa bean.  The young man rolled his bare feet over the beans to preserve and polish them.  When he was done, the beans were bright and shiny, and placed on a tray to dry.  We were told that about two weeks later, the beans would be cleaned, bagged, and shipped out.  Hmmm, when I think of how much chocolate I eat, put ones foot in ones mouth has a completely new meaning!

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