Happy Valentine’s Day to Our Military and Veterans

flag-unfurling-4Several days ago, I realized that our 20-foot flagpole was frozen, and I could not get the flag down in inclement weather.  Yesterday, with camera in hand, I stood at our second-story window watching 20 inches of snow coming down like rainfall.  While snapping photos, I thought of my grandfather, Michael Coco, who arrived home from WWI and in the middle of winter opened our beloved Yankee Shoe Repair (more on that later).  Thoughts of my grandfather created a bit of nostalgia…when a sudden wind whipped up and unfurled our American flag.  I’m sending Valentine’s Day love to my grandfather, our daughter Lauren who served a 400-day tour of duty in Iraq, all of our Military and Veterans.  God bless you, your families, and our great country.

The Coco Dance


One Big Pot, Two Feet, and Cocoa Beans

Anyone who knows me knows that I typically jump in with both feet.  While visiting the Fond Doux Holiday Plantation in St. Lucia I saw this young man climb into a huge metal pot and start dancing a fast step over cocoa beans.  He was doing the Cocorina Dance.  Oh, how I wanted to ask, Can I try that?  However, being the well-mannered tourist (and my feet were yucky in dusty sandals) I watched.  This is only one of many steps in the process from cocoa pod to the exported cocoa bean.  The young man rolled his bare feet over the beans to preserve and polish them.  When he was done, the beans were bright and shiny, and placed on a tray to dry.  We were told that about two weeks later, the beans would be cleaned, bagged, and shipped out.  Hmmm, when I think of how much chocolate I eat, put ones foot in ones mouth has a completely new meaning!

2014 To Do


Carrying on a Conversation with a Yummy Looking Popover

No resolutions for me!  I make a to do list based on what I learned, what I want to remember, and what I need to put behind me from the year before.  To do in 2014 is to stretch my imagination by holding more unusual and animated conversations.  This funny looking popover and I had grand time together. Did I eat the popover…hmm, what do you think?

Dinosaurs in New York City


Naptime for Dinosaurs

My family and I recently visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  This dinosaur was quite polite. He asked, “Excuse me, would you happen to have the time?”  It was 3:30 PM, to which he said, “I’m awfully tired.  Do you mind if I rest my head on your shoulder?”  Hmm!  What would you do?

A Great Year

I wish to thank the many educators, librarians, and happy readers that I have heard from this school year.  It has been a true pleasure to work with you, visit your schools, and read your letters.  Have a great summer, and remember to think safety first then have fun.  I’ll be smiling at you from wherever I travel.