Past good times

Young Carmine at ChristmasChristmas, 1954
Christmas has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons. You can’t see the Christmas tree in this photo, but take a peek at the big box behind me. Can you guess what that was? Hint: the big circle in the center was a screen.

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Dippy Derby, 1960Ciao! We're off on another adventure.
Okay, so the derby hat is a bit dippy, but oh what fun we had in that go cart! Ciao! We’re off on another adventure. That’s me waving at you from the Cocomobile, and the crazy driver is my kid sister, Joy. She’s a much better driver than she was back then. Look at the car in the background.

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The Fearsome Foursome, 1963
The fearsome foursomeThis is a photo of the four Coco children taken in 1963. My sister, Risa, is the sleeping baby; my kid sister, Joselle, has the pixie haircut; and my brother, Larry, has the curly hair. As for me…the hairdo and glasses were quite popular just before I became a Beatlemaniac. Okay, are you done laughing? I told you growing up was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do!

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