From Queen to Area Governor

dubbing-karin-vI have finally resurfaced after relinquishing my hobo queen crown, and months of wonderful, beautiful family events. Added to that was the fun of our five-week houseguest and hobo brother, FROG. Life is never dull in the De Young home! Most recently, I became an Area Governor in Toastmasters. From Queen to Governor, hmmm, is that considered a lateral move? Truth be told, I have been a member of Toastmasters International for ten years, which enables me to present myself in a royal manner–most of the time. Both positions led, and continue to lead me down unique pathways. As the saying goes, “Once a queen always a queen,” I make use of every rare moment life offers. I recently dubbed Immediate Past District 53 Governor, Karin von Kaenel, as an honorary hobo. Her moniker is “Countess Butterfly” due to her background as a statistician, the logo of butterflies and accompanying motto of “Be the Change You Want to See” she used to inspire all Toastmasters in our district. She also received a walking stick signed by King Stretch and myself, seen in the accompanying photo. Ciao for now, I am off to the next adventure.


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