Accepting the YouTube Challenge


Wednesday and Thursday are my favorite days of the week. You may be thinking that is because the latter half of the week is near. Perhaps so, but in truth, those are the evenings I attend Toastmaster meetings.
Ten years ago, I joined Toastmasters as a new author looking to improve my public speaking skills. Today, through Toastmasters, I continue to improve both my communication and leadership skills, and my ability to present in front of many diverse groups. The goal is to be the most effective speaker that I can be, and Toastmasters teaches those skills.
Recently I participated in the Toastmaster District 53 YouTube Challenge. I was asked, “What drew you to Toastmasters?” It is a bit of a humorous story about why and how I joined Toastmasters. You can watch it here
You can see my response to the challenge by going to the link posted under the picture of the District 53 YouTube button to the left of this blog. Please remember to vote and leave a comment. This is a challenge and the winner will be determined in May.
If you are interested in learning more about Toastmasters, or wish to be a guest at a club near you, visit Toastmasters International. Don’t hesitate to email me with questions concerning Toastmasters.
Enjoy and thanks for your vote!

9/1/2015 – You can see my Challenge here:

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